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Spike tracks social network activity around millions of stories daily, giving newsrooms,
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Spike for Newsrooms

Spike has given us the ability to truly stay on the pulse of the internet.
I've yet to encounter a tool that gives us this level of insight and granular analysis.
This is how we stay one step ahead of the competition.

Dean Praetorius

Director of Trends & Social Media
The Huffington Post

  • Find viral stories hours or days before they explode
  • Track competitors'€™ performance in real time
  • See what'€™s breaking in hundreds of topics or locations at a glance

Spike for Communicators

Spike enables us to be part of a shared passion with our audiences. By knowing what content and stories matter right now to customers, we can help brands unlock a deeper level of engagement on social media.

David Shaw

Associate Director, Social Strategy

  • Share content your audience will love
  • See the influencers and live conversations around millions of stories
  • Be first to viral content that matters to your audience

See how Spike helps the Blaze

The Blaze grew readership 163% by finding and creating stories that engaged their readers. Here's how Spike helped.

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Spike covers everything

  • Millions of stories, blog posts, and videos are assessed each day.
  • See what's big in niche topics like politics, design, energy, parenting, health and others.
  • Track trends in 20 countries, and go local in hundreds of US, UK, Germany and Canada regions.

Go from Guesswork to Knowing what Works

  • All stories in Spike are ranked by social velocity - how fast they are spreading among a billion people on Facebook and Twitter.
  • This social validation saves guesswork in picking winning stories.

Find viral stories first

  • Spike surfaces the best content from Reddit. YouTube. Pre-viral feeder blogs.
  • Find breakout local stories and take them national.
  • Spike Alerts give notifications on the go of breakout stories.

Listen to the audience

  • See the why and the how of each story driving conversation.
  • See the influencers and live conversations around millions of stories

Save hours of research each day

  • No need to ferret out stories, a billion editors are doing it for you.
  • Editors, journalists, communicators and community managers can find hot stories, topics and memes at a glance.
  • No need to check dozens of websites every hour for ideas.

Track content from any source

  • See how the world reacts to every new story, as it is published.
  • Pick any publisher and watch how their content is performing, in real time.

API and Widgets

Spike's API is powering widgets, mobile apps and dashboards for leading news and information companies around the world.

It is helping traders get the jump on markets, news outlets highlight their best content, and PR firms become overnight leaders. If you'd like a stream of the content engaging people now in literally any topic, get in touch or read more.

Read more about the NewsWhip API

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Legendary Support

The NewsWhip team is easy to contact, fast with fixes, and we love welcoming new users aboard.

We get back quickly to any questions, suggestions or problems, and provide free, personal training for new organisations using Spike.

  • Rob

    Head of Media Partnerships

    Any questions? email me!
  • Paul

    Co-founder, CEO

  • Krystian

    Head of Product

  • LeLe

    Software Developer

  • Andrew

    Co-founder, CTO

  • Liam

    Social Media Editor